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About Me

I am a musician, and have loved the sound of the cello since I was 10. I have taught and played since graduating with a degree in music education from the University of Minnesota. I have always loved to sew, starting with clothing, and then began making traditional quilts when my children were young. When I discovered the unique qualities of hand-dyed fabric, I was hooked on creating my own designs. The discipline that music requires - practicing to learn difficult passages, then doing it all again the next day-is what drives me in my artwork. Colors and fabric inspire me. Solving problems while working with color and shapes, or sitting down to play Bach on my cello, expresses who I am.

Artist Statement

Solid square shapes cut without a ruler make a bold statement. I work in the abstract, relating color to shape, and emphasize form on a white background. Keeping a limited palette streamlines the design to what is essential, bold and graphic. As a cellist in an orchestra I listen for what lies beneath the melody; the harmony and rhythm give shape to the music. In my quilts I leave out what is not necessary and emphasize the underlying form. The stitching lines become the melody, but one shape joins with another and gives form to the whole. My quilts convey a sense of presence, a transcendental quality where the shapes demand attention and implore the viewer to pay attention and take notice. There is power in size but also strength in gesture and a solemn stillness.

My Studio

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